Graduation Deadlines

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your degree program.

Graduation applications are vaild for one year. Students not graduating the semester applied will be charged a $20 processing fee each semester until the degree is completed. If the degree is not completed within one year, the student will be required to re-submit a new graduation application and will only be charged the $20 processing fee. This helps ensure the Graduate School has the most current mailing address for the student's diploma and updated course information.

If at anytime you have questions regarding any of these procedures and/or deadlines, please do not hesitate to contact our office at

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who want to receive their degrees for a particular term must turn in to the Graduate School by the required deadline all final copies of professional papers, theses, dissertations and completion documents. All grade changes that are a part of a student's degree program must be made by the required deadline as well.
The Graduate School's continuous enrollment policy requires a student be registered for every term unless they have an approved leave of absence.
The Graduate School also recommends that approximately 6 weeks after the degree award date students review their final transcript to be sure that it is an accurate record of their academic history. Students can print their own unofficial transcript using Cyberbear.

Diplomas are mailed approximately three to four months after the degree award date. If students need official documentation of their degree before the diploma arrives, official transcripts can usually be substituted. Official transcripts can be ordered through the Registrar's office at (406) 243-2995. There is a charge for official transcripts.