Materials Science

Degree Offered

Program Degree Offered
Materials Science   Ph.D.
 Program Description

The Montana University System Materials Science Ph.D. requires a minimum of 60 semester credits beyond the bachelor’s degree. Of the 60 credits, at least 18 credits must be obtained for dissertation research, and at least 32 credits must be earned for coursework.

Up to 24 semester-credits from a master’s degree may be accepted toward the minimum degree requirements, but they must be applicable to the Materials Science curriculum, and their acceptance is subject to the review and approval of the student’s committee and the Materials Science program’s Leadership Council.


Admission Application Instructions

  • Applying for admission to the graduate program is a two-step process:
  1. First: Complete the Online Application ( As part of this process, applicants must do the following:
    1. Self-report GRE scores.
    2. Self-report all colleges and universities attended (including grade point average).
    3. Self-report TOEFL for international applicants.
    4. 3 Letters of recommendations (will review application with 2 letters of recommendations).
    5. Upload a personal statement (1-2 pages).
    6. Pay the application fee.
  2. Second: Additional application must be sent directly to the Department.
    1. Request that official GRE scores be sent to the University of Montana using code 4489 (international students may request that official TOEFL scores be sent instead).
    2. Request that official transcripts be sent to the Department from all colleges and universities you have attended (excluding University of Montana)  Transcripts may also be transmitted electronically through the National Student Clearinghouse.


Admissions Deadlines

Students are usually admitted in the fall semester of the academic year and are strongly encouraged to apply on or before January 15th of the year in which they desire admission. However, applications will continue to be processed if openings exist.

Materials Science

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UM Program Director
Dr. Andrij Holian
(406) 243-4018

Materials Science Program
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Montana
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