Financial Assistance

There are two categories of financial assistance available to graduate students at The University of Montana. The first category, teaching and research assistantships, are awarded by the University and are given on the basis of academic merit or the ability to perform specific services. The second category is loans. Student loans are administered through the Financial Aid Office and are based on demonstrated financial need.

To be sure you have the funds to attend Graduate School, we advise students to fill out the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early in the year as possible.

Completing all the necessary paperwork to receive federal financial aid is a time-consuming process both for students and the University. Students who do not send in FAFSA forms early risk arriving on campus at the beginning of the semester only to find that their financial aid is going to be delayed a month or more. It is for this reason that we suggest students arrive on campus with enough funds to support themselves for at least one month.

Once the University receives the aid report from the federal government, the Financial Aid Office will evaluate your file and send you an estimation of aid and requests for any documents that may be missing. Once everything has been received, you will receive an award letter from the University and a promissory note for loans if you have requested them.

Helpful Financial Aid, Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants

Financial Assistance through the University of Montana

Please remember to check with your department chair and/or advisor for more information relating to your specific program.