On-Campus Partners

Partners at UM

Montana EPSCoR

Montana NSF EPSCoR supports capacity building by investing in researchers and institutions to better position them to compete for federal research funds.

Skaggs School of Pharmacy Native American Center of Excellence

The mission of the Native American Center of Excellence at the University of Montana is to facilitate the identification, recruitment, retention, and professional development of American Indian/Alaska Native students who are interested in pursuing careers in health care delivery or research.

American Indian Student Services

AISS is dedicated to the retention of Native American Students attending the University of Montana through tutoring, advisement, and counseling.

Native American Studies

NAS is an academic discipline that examines the contemporary and past experiences and life ways of the first Americans from their perspective.

Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership

The UM SIGP Program is intended to increase the number of Indigenous Americans earning master’s and doctoral degrees in STEM disciplines.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers undergraduate and graduate study leading to the B.S., M.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. The diverse interests of the faculty allow graduate students to pursue research in any of the following areas: environmental, biochemistry, organic,  organometallic, analytical or physical chemistry in addition to chemical education.

Kyi Yo Native American Student Association

Kyi-Yo promotes communication among Native American students, fosters a strong sense of cultural identity,  and promotes extra curricular activities that bridge the University of Montana-Missoula with the community of Missoula and its Native American residents.

Office of Research and Educational Opportunities for Students (OREOS)

OREOS unites and leverages the organization and management of existing training grants and educational programs and facilitates new efforts and future applications for these types of programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Research Opportunities in Science for Native Americans (ROSNA)

ROSNA fosters a coordinated and systematic network of externally funded programs to provide seamless support for American Indian science students at all levels; establishes a network of research collaborations with tribal colleges throughout the region with the goal of increasing science infrastructure at tribal colleges; and provides assistance in development of minority outreach components for major research initiatives.

Native American Natural Resources Program (NANRP)

The Native American Natural Resource Program (NANRP) is dedicated to providing Native students with the services and resources they need for a successful academic experience here at the University of Montana.