Sloan Student Application

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Additional Application Materials to be emailed to Aaron Thomas.

Application Deadlines: April 15 for Fall and October 15 for Spring

  1. A 1,000-word essay written by the applicant that addresses why he or she should be awarded a MUS SIGP scholarship. Include a brief description of prior academic experience(s), including research (if applicable) and how he or she, as a SIGP scholar, would serve as a role model and/or contribute to the community. Please include a brief statement of commitment to program completion.

  2. Academic Record (as evidenced by transcripts, GPA, and other related materials) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. If this documentation resides at the Graduate School, please indicate as such and the Graduate School will locate these materials for the application.

  3. Three letters of recommendation that the applicant secured when he or she was applying to the MUS Graduate School/graduate program. If this documentation resides at the Graduate School, please indicate as such and the Graduate School will locate these materials for the application.

MUS Sloan Guidelines

Sloan awardees will be referred to the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) who will oversee the distribution of the awards.  The requirements and guidelines for each Sloan scholar are outlined below.

  1. Upon their nomination to NACME and acceptance as Sloan Scholars, students will generate a multi-year plan for projected use of their Sloan funds that will take into account the institutional sources of support the students have been awarded and their prospects for other competitive fellowship programs.  Their mentor or campus program director will approve this plan. 

    The length of the plan will depend on their degree status (e.g. M.S., entering Ph.D., or a Ph.D. student who enters with a M.S. degree or has passed a qualifying exam) as set forth in item 2 below.  

    These plans are non-binding and intended to begin, and then continue, careful financial planning and resource management on the part of the graduate student.  The plans will be reviewed annually by the student and the mentor/program director, and updated as needed.  A copy of the approved/modified plan will be sent each year to NACME. 

    At the end of the first and subsequent years, students will report by general category on their use of Sloan funds in the previous year; this information will be used for summary program review purposes only.

  2. Students will have a maximum number of years to access Sloan funds as follows:
    • for SIGP Master’s candidates: four years from date of initial matriculation;
    • for SIGP and MPHD Ph.D. candidates who enter the Ph.D. program with a Master’s degree or have passed a qualifying examination in the current field of study:  four  years from the date of Ph.D. candidacy; and
    • for SIGP and MPHD Ph.D. candidates without prior graduate study in the current field:  seven years from date of matriculation into the Ph.D. program.
    • The maximum number of years includes the total time spent in active student status, on university-approved leave for program purposes, and on any form of university-approved medical, family, or personal leave.
  3. Students must be, and remain, in good academic standing as defined by their university to receive Sloan funds.

  4. Once nominations are made and approved by NACME, NACME will establish for each student in a particular cohort a scholarship account with a maximum number of years as indicated in #2 above.  Funds in these accounts will be released as stipends directly to the student according to the approved spending plan as per #1 and according to the following schedule:
    • no more than 50% in year 1, 25% in year 2, and 25% in year 3 for Ph.D. students, and 
    • no more than 50% in years 1 and 2 for M.S. students.

    Within the maximum number of years indicated in #2 above, students may draw down funds only in three years, which may be consecutive or non-consecutive.  Stipend checks within a given year may be paid out in no more than three installments, e.g. fall and spring semesters, and summer. 

    Funds remaining in a student’s NACME account established with Sloan funds in excess of $100.00 will be returned to Sloan accounts at NACME when the student graduates, when the student withdraws or is withdrawn, or when the maximum number of years is reached as indicated in item #2 above, whichever is first.