Confluence: Where great ideas flow together



In this episode, we’re in the flow with Dr. Annie Belcourt (Otter Woman) who is an Assistant Professor in the College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences. Annie reads an excerpt from Terese Marie Mailhot's memoir Heart Berries which sparks our conversation about Annie’s educational journey, the importance of building resilience in Native communities, and the unique research ethics that ground Indigenous research communities. 



Current students and a recent graduate of UM's Integrative Physiology & Athletic Training (IPAT) Graduate Program discuss their academic experiences, their research, and their post-graduation goals.


Thanks for stopping by the Graduate School’s media page, where we provide tributaries of words, sounds, and images for you to follow as you explore the special confluence that is the University of Montana!

Confluence captures the role graduate students play in channeling the energy, vitality, and creativity of the three major “streams” of the University of Montana’s mission: an excellent undergraduate education, an inspired enterprise in research and creative scholarship, and a commitment to place.

The confluence of the Clark Fork River and Rattlesnake Creek, depicted above, has had a special significance for centuries, beginning with the Salish people, who named the streams that flow together on the northern edge of our campus: “place of the small bull trout” (nłˀaycčstm).

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