Welcome to the family, new Grizzlies!

Next Step: Submit Your ID Photo Online


Review the photo requirements, log in with your NetID and password, and upload your picture. You will receive a confirmation email when you submit your photo, and another email to notify you when your photo is approved and your card is ready for pick up. You can find details on where and when to pick up your Griz Card here.

Photo Requirements


  • Current color photo
  • Neutral color and smooth background
  • Centered, facing the camera
  • Include top of head down to collarbone (you can crop it when you upload it)
  • Good lighting
  • Eyes open and natural facial expression
  • Wear prescription glasses if you normally do so


  • Tilt or side angle your face
  • Shadows on face
  • Blurry or filtered photos
  • Crop off the top of your head or zoom in too close
  • Other visible people, pets, or objects
  • Inappropriate expressions
  • Wear sunglasses, hats, headphones

Examples of Photos that Meet the Requirements

good photo example 

good photo example 2

Examples of Photos that Do Not Meet the Requirements

 Example of unacceptable photo - person wearing hat, off centered, other things in background.

Wearing a hat, off center, with things in the background.

Example of unacceptable photo. Facing sideways/over the shoulder with trees in background.

Over the shoulder with landscape in the background.

Example of unacceptable photo - zoomed in too close cutting off forehead and shoulders.

Too close! Cropped off head and shoulders.

example of unacceptable photo. bad lighting with shadows on face. dark on left side and bright white on the other.

Poor lighting. Shadows on face.

Submit Your Photo

Great! You've reviewed the photo requirements and are ready to submit your photo