UM Health & Medicine

UM Health & Medicine (UMHM) is the connection hub for all health science and healthcare-related activities at the University of Montana and with our community partners across Montana. UMHM represents over 11 different academic units, 8 on-campus clinics, and 22 research labs and centers. The overall mission of UMHM is to be a leader in health professions education and improving health outcomes in Montana. The main goals of UMHM are:

  • Supporting the collaboration of on-campus clinics

  • Facilitating interdepartmental collaborations including IPE, health science curricula development, and health science program expansions.

  • Collaborating with UM marketing to promote and recruit students to the health care professions at the University of Montana & Missoula College.

  • Creating opportunities for UM faculty and students to connect with the healthcare community in Montana.