Faculty in the Davidson Honors College

The Davidson Honors College engages faculty from across the University of Montana in teaching honors courses and in mentoring honors students’ work in the areas of research and creative scholarship. Honors faculty are renowned for their teaching excellence, and dedication to student learning.

Core instructors for the college’s foundational academic course, Ways of Knowing, are Erin Saldin, Bruce Hardy, Mark Hanson, and Adam Collins. The college’s Teaching, Research, and Mentoring Post-Doctoral fellow is ethnomusicologist, Dr. Holly Riley.

Each year, students nominate faculty for Promoting Intellectual Engagement awards, and an honors Teacher of the Year is presented at the annual Evening of Excellence. Past recipients are as follows:

2020 Bruce Hardy

2021 Erin Saldin

2022 Peter McDonough

2023 Mark Hanson

The DHC also engages faculty through its Faculty Advisory Committee and network of Departmental Liaisons who help guide the college’s direction, facilitate collaboration between academic units, and support students’ experiences.

These groups include:

Chad Bishop, Wildlife Biology

Hayley Blackburn, Pharmacy

Michael Cassens, Media Arts

Bryan Cochran, Psychology

Doug Emlen, Biological Sciences

Theresa Floyd, Business

Ramona Gray, Political Science

Sarah Halvorson, Geosciences

Soazig Lebihan, Philosophy and Pre-Law Program

Marty Marko, World Languages and Cultures

Peter McDonough, Climate Change Studies

Alex Metcalf, Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management

Libby Metcalf, College of Forestry and Conservation

Tobin Miller Shearer, African American Studies

Cara Nelson, Environmental Science and Sustainability

Cathy Off, Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Mark Pershouse, Pre-Medicine Program

Liz Putnam, Biomedical Sciences

John Quindry, Integrated Physiology and Athletic Training

James Randall, Music

Daisy Rooks, Sociology

Erin Saldin, Creative Writing

Rob Saldin, Political Science

Carl Seielstad, Forestry

Kyle Volk, History

Steve Yoshimura, Communication Studies

Faculty who wish to become involved in the DHC are encouraged to contact Dean Nichols directly to begin the conversation. The college accepts proposals for new departmental honors courses. Faculty are also encouraged to consider the development of interdisciplinary honors courses.