How to complete the Substantial Presence Form


The Substantial Presence Form must be completed before you can receive any form of payment.   All applicable questions must be answered.  A copy of both sides of your I-94 Form “Arrival and Departure Record” (the small white card inside you passport); a copy of your U.S. VISA from your passport; and an I-20 or DS-2019 (formerly IAP-66) must be attached to this form.  If any applicable section is unanswered, incomplete or the above-mentioned copies are not included, the form will be considered incomplete and you will not receive payment.


This form must be returned before any check can be issued by the Payroll or Accounts Payable Department and must be completed by anyone receiving tuition/remission/scholarship.


1.                  Name: List full name

2.                  Social Security Number:  Enter United States (US) social security number issued by the US Social Security Administration, not your ID number.  Do not list numbers not assigned by the US Social Security, i.e. Canadian social security number.  All employees must have a social security number in order to work.

3.                   ID #:  Enter your Student/Faculty Identification Number

4.                  Local Street Address: List your local US address.  This would be where you physically reside in the US, not a PO Box, not a Univ. of Montana Department.

5.                  Foreign Residence Address:  List your non-US address.  This is where you would reside in your country of citizenship if you were not in the US, not a PO Box.

6.                  Country of Citizenship(s)

7.                  Country that issued your Passport:  List the Country in which you were issued your passport.  Not the Country where it was issued.

8.                  Passport Number:  Enter your passport number.

9.                  Visa Number:  Enter your Visa number.

10.              Immigration Status:  Check Yes or No.  If yes, complete Page 2 of the form for the time you were present in the US.  Approximate if you do not know.

11.              Immigration Status:  Check the type of immigration status that you currently hold.  If you check US Immigrant/Permanent Resident, holder of a “green” card, you may proceed to the bottom of the form sign and date.

12.              Immigration Status for J-1:  Check the appropriate J-1 subtype.

13.              Actual Primary Activity:  Check one activity.

14.              Actual Entry Date into the US:  Must include Month, Day and Year.  Approximate if you do not know.

15.              Start Date: Must include Month, Day and Year.  Approximate if you do not know.

16.              End Date: Must include Month, Day and Year.  Approximate if you do not know.

17.              Occupation: Describe in general the service you will perform.

18.              Check the appropriate box.

19.              Is your spouse in the US?:  Check the appropriate box.  Give the number of other dependents in the US.

20.              Tax residence is where you last paid taxes as a resident and can be different from legal residence.  Do not include the US.

21.              Consultant/Self-employed Individuals:  Check the appropriate box.  This includes any office at any location specifically identified with you.