Tuition Waivers


Employees of the Montana University System are eligible for a partial tuition waiver, 50% of the residential tuition, for their dependents. A dependent includes the employee’s spouse or adult dependent, as defined in the MUS Employee Benefits Plan, and financially dependent children as defined by the Internal Revenue Code who are unmarried and under age 25. See more.

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Application Deadlines Employees who do not submit an application for a dependent tuition waiver by the following dates may be denied the dependent tuition waiver benefit. 

Fall Semester: September 30th
Spring Semester: February 28th
Summer Semester: May 31st


Generally, permanent employees who work at least three-quarters (3/4) time (.75 FTE) qualify for a partial tuition waiver. Faculty whose assignment is .75 FTE or greater will qualify in their second consecutive semester of employment. Staff members must have completed the probationary employment period.  The .75 FTE level must be maintained during the entire period of enrollment for which a tuition waiver has been granted. See more.

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