Workers Compensation - Additional Info

All employees1 at UM are covered by Workers Compensation insurance. The coverage is part of a Montana University System (MUS) Self-funded Workers Compensation Program. This program has been in existence since 2003 and is provided at no cost to employees.

There are two excellent sources on the web that provide a very informative discussion about general workers compensation benefits in Montana and the specifics of the self-fund MUS program for all MUS and OCHE employees created by the Montana Board of Regents . The former is located on the Montana Department of Labor & Industry Publications website – Employment Relations Division.  The summary is updated annually to reflect any statute changes that may result from the Montana Legislature biannual session. 

The other one is located on the MUS website at

This site is a very good source of specific details that are particular to the MUS Self-Funded Workers Compensation Program.  Examples of the information are: Explanation of the Workers Compensation Claim Process; Successful Healing and Return to Work; FAQ’s; and MUS Workers Compensation Management Committee.

Other important links/documents:
UM Policy -
BOR Workers' Compensation: Workplace Safe
BOR Workers' Compensation: Early Return to Work / Modified Duty
MUS WC Program (MUS Work Comp)
UM President's Letter on RTW

If you have any questions or comments, contact Michele Wheeler, Workers Compensation Manager, at 406-243-2842 or email Michele at  Michele's office is located in the Human Resource Services office in Lommasson 252.

1-employee is defined by any faculty, staff or student that is paid through the UM PR department.  Volunteers are not eligible for Workers Compensation benefits.