Diversity in Recruitment

"At the University of Montana, we commit to fully realizing our promise to provide broad access for people to reach their full potential. By cultivating a diverse and inclusive learning environment that supports the success of each individual, we foster an academic community rich with creativity, innovation, and discovery. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are cornerstones of academic excellence and of our students’ future success as members of diverse communities. We therefore seek diversity in all of its forms, actively listening to and learning from others and openly building a learning environment that respects and values difference". 

- Seth Bodnar, President

UM is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and has a strong institutional commitment to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusivity in all areas. In that spirit, we are particularly interested in receiving applications for all open positions from a broad spectrum of qualified people who would assist the University in demonstrating its five priorities for action: Place student success at the center of all we do; drive excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and research; embody the principle of “mission first, people always"; partner with place; and proudly tell the UM story.

Training & Consultation

Training and consultation in the areas of diversity, inclusivity and unconscious bias in the recruitment process is available for departments and/or search committees conducting recruitments. When a new recruitment is slated to begin, please contact our office for consultation and to schedule a personalized training session with a member of our recruitment team.

Marcie Briggs 
Recruitment Manager 
PH: 406-243-5706 
EMAIL: Marcie.Briggs@umontana.edu

Jordon Wallin
Recruitment Specialist 
PH: 406-243-5707
EMAIL: Jordon.Wallin@umontana.edu

Recruitment Specialist 
PH: 406-243-5708