Alex Preis’ Post Graduation Experiences

alex with sangye molam

Minoring in IDS was a logical choice as a Political Science International Relations major passionate about building an international career. I initially chose IDS because I wanted to go into the Peace Corps, and UM offers a Peace Corps Prep certificate through the IDS minor. IDS was about a lot more than just a certificate though, as my most useful and applicable classes for my future were through this program. I learned critical skills in the class Intercultural Communication, such as being able to communicate across cultural boundaries, that I practically apply in my everyday life as I have been living and working in China the past two years. The class Communication for Social and Behavioral Change prepared me for the more bureaucratic working environment present in China, and made me approach this challenge with a more open mind. People often overlook these soft skills the IDS program strives to build, but in the end they are what will make you the most effective in the work you choose to pursue overseas.



First Image: 2017 Nepal–I was volunteer in Nepal as an English teacher. After swimming at “Penguin Swimming Pool”, me and one of the monks, Sangye Molam, he is about 15 years old. He called me “Didi” which means big sister in Nepalese.

Second Image: Fai Chung Jan 2019–While I was working part-time at the Open University of Hong Kong, writing “Fai Chung” with the students, which are messages of good luck/fortune that people often hang on their doors around Chinese New Year.