Becca Olson's Experience in Greece

Becca at the Trevi Fountain

     It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to join the Peace Corps. Since middle school, I’ve been thinking about college and my time spent after graduation traveling and volunteering in a foreign country. When I came to the University of Montana, I had no idea a minor like International Development Studies existed-a minor designed for students like me who are curious about peoples, cultures, and the world.

     IDS has allowed me to take diverse courses I otherwise wouldn’t have considered as most are out of my major requirements. My individual experience with IDS has let me learn more about the topics and issues that interest me most within the disciplines of anthropology and the natural sciences. I’ve gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for our planet and the people inhabiting it, and my curiosity only continues to grow for the world we live in.

     IDS is just the beginning stepping-stone for my lifelong journey to understanding the people and places of this world. This minor has helped prepare me for the next chapter in my life, which is applying to the Peace Corps. This minor not only gives me a leg up during the application process but also it has provided me with useful knowledge other candidates might lack as they have not had the same opportunities I was given, which allowed me to dive deeper into a plethora of global and timely subjects over the last four years. I feel better prepared, more knowledgeable, and extremely ecstatic to be finally pursuing my lifelong dream. I'm extremely grateful for IDS for it has helped me get to where I am now.