Lee Adler’s Experience in Poland


I initially chose to minor in IDS because it would help me with my goals of returning to the Army as a commissioned officer. The Army has given me opportunities to work in international development before, and I thought this program would demonstrate my commitment to these types of missions. Throughout my experience at UM, my goals shifted. Instead of returning to the Army, I plan on pursuing graduate studies in global human security. International development is a pivotal aspect of this field, so the minor will be useful regardless. In fact, it has already proven very useful! Using the skills I learned in the Monitoring & Evaluation core course of the International Development Studies program, I work for the Montana Army National Guard building new programs to prevent veteran suicide. I'm very grateful UM offers this program, as it's helped me to continue to develop my skills preserving life around my community. Hopefully, I can bring these skills to the global stage again soon.

Photo: At a Polish construction site in the summer of 2019. International Development Studies helped me provide communications on NATO's Operation Resolute Castle mission there.