Month Date and Activity
March 19th: UM invited to participate in the 2014-16 ACE Internationalization Laboratory
August 29th: ACE 2014-16 Internationalization Lab Cohort Meeting in Washington, D.C.; Provost Brown and Paulo Zagalo-Melo attend.
September Join ACE Internationalization Laboratory; establish working groups.


12th: Appoint members to the Steering Committee and Task Force.
24-25th: Visit from ACE Consultant, Dr. Barbara Hill
December 9th: First meeting of comprehensive team (Steering Committee and Task Force).
22nd: Establish timeline; create subcommittees.



Date and Activity


6th: First meeting of the Steering Committee to discuss Communication Plan and review subcommittee appointments.

21st: Presentation by Nancy Gass on the Internationalization Lab to the College of Health Professions and Biomedial Sciences.

30th: Student Mobility Subcommittee meets.

Convene and charge Subcommittees. Discuss data collection and methodology for answering questions. 


5th: Collaboration and Partnerships Subcommittee meeting.

6th: Student Mobility Subcommittee meeting.

13th: ACE 2014-16 Internationalization Lab Cohort Meeting in Washington, D.C. P. Zagalo-Melo

18th: Student Mobility Subcommittee meeting.

24th: Meeting of the whole team to coordinate data collection.

24th: Articulated Institutional Commitment Subcommittee meeting.


6th: Campus wide survey(s) sent out.

6th: Non-survey data collection by Subcommittees will begin. Ongoing through May 15th.

24th: Campus Wide Faculty Meetings, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM in PFNAC 009. View iLab Questions for Faculty Meetings.

28th: Steering Committee and Task Force meeting to discuss how data collection is going and what end reports will look like.

29th: Campus Wide Faculty Meetings, 3:00 - 4:00 PM in PFNAC 201. View iLab Questions for Faculty Meetings.

30th: Campus wide survey(s) closed.


15th: Data collection complete.

Subcommittees meet to review data collection in time for June meeting (begin drafting final report recommendations).


TBA: Steering Committee and Task Force meeting to discuss data and draft recommendations from subcommittees. Initial analysis due highlighting the findings and subcommittee recommendations.

30th: Final subcommittee analysis and recommendations due to Task Force Co-Chairs.

July Steering Committee to write final report/recommendations for UM Administration.
August UM Administration to review recommendations of the subcommittee findings.
September Meeting of the whole team to discuss UM Administration's response.

Select site reviewers for Internationalization Lab

Engage the campus community on iLab recommendations at the UM conference on Defining a 21st Century Education for a Vibrant Democracy

Establish working groups to engage in recommendations

November Meeting with working group chairs
December Establish the internationalization strategic planning committee


Month Date and Activity
January Begin drafting strategic plan.
February Peer review site visit ..
March Send Strategic Plan to ACE and other Reviewers.
April ACE on-site visit. Receive ACE recommendation report after visit. Debriefing of report to Steering Committee and Task Force.
May Make recommended changes to the final Strategic Plan for Internationalization.
June UM Strategic Plan for Internationalization due.