Get Involved

What Does Innovation Mean to You?

Whether you're looking to create or want to collaborate on ideas with a team, we're here as a resource for you. The Innovation Factory is looking for students who are curious, resourceful, and ambitious in exploring ideas and finding new ways to innovate. The Innovation Factory invites students from all majors to become a part of our team.

As part of the IF team, you can join as an intern, or work together with participants to use the Tinkerspace, Design Zone and the Worklab. You can also:

  • explore 3D technologies with our helpful manuals written by IF-interns
  • push ideas toward entrepreneurship by working with BLP
  • collaborate with businesses to engage with the Missoula community
  • generate creative outlets in a supportive, friendly, and hands-on environment

The Innovation Factory is about applying creativity, empathy, and resourcefulness to all the overlapping innovative communities at the University of Montana.