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This census dashboard is prepared by the University Institutional Research Office as a tool to identify counts and trends on our official census day enrollment. The census day captures all student registrations as of the 15th class day. According to OCHE official enrollment report procedures, only students who have paid or made arrangements to pay tuition bills by the 15th class day of that semester are included in these counts. The individual student flags represent the information that is available on the 15th class day.

A short overview on how to use the dashboard can be found here. Instructions for using Tableau are here

 Field definitions can be found by clicking the definitions tab at the top of the page


This dashboard contains 18 filters that can be used to drill down on the campus enrollment as needed. The user can choose as many filters and as many values within each filter as needed. To select multiple values on a filter, hold down the control key until the selection is completed.

The filters have been organized in a way to hopefully make it easier to locate the filter the user needs. Those high-level groupings are:

  • Student Location (Student Campus, Bitterroot College Enrolled)
  • Academic Program (College, Department, Major, Degree Level)
  • Student Demographics (Student Level, Student Category, Student Type, Residency, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Full-Time/Part-Time)
  • Student Characteristics (First Generation, Pell Eligible, Disability, Veteran, International)



The values listed under the major category represent a combination of several major codes. This was necessary to allow for longitudinal tracking of student majors. The crosswalk used to roll together major codes into the majors presented on this dashboard can be found here. The official Census Dashboard counts all majors declared by a student. This dashboard does not include minors or concentrations.

Exporting Information

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