ACTivity Class Programs with IPAT

ACTivity Classes offer UM students the opportunity to a well-balanced class schedule. Each semester, the School of Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training offers over 90 one-credit ACTivity Classes. Classes are graded credit/no credit. ACTivity Classes can assist UM students in maximizing a full course load or meeting credit hour financial aid requirements. 

ACTivity Classes give UM students the chance to:

  • Feel better, get stronger and reduce stress.
  • Learn a new sport or skill with friends.
  • Squeeze some fun into their busy academic life.

UM students will enjoy quality instruction in a safe, positive learning environment.

NOTE: For all ACTivity Classes: 

  1. There are additional Montana Board of Regents approved fees with courses that are noted with that course.  Please visit the detailed course information within Cyberbear for more information.  
  2. Grading Policy strictly enforced- classes missed prior to and after late registration count towards total absences allowed.
  3. Auditing of ACTivity Classes is not allowed
  4. For more information on Student Tuition and Fees, please visit the Business Services website.