Setting Up An Internship (And Important Dates!)

Who does what?

Student internships for credit require supervision at the internship site and academic support from the Internship Coordinator. (Note: Typical 03 credit internships = total 135 internship hours per semester) The following outline briefly defines three key internship roles and responsibilities. 

The Student

  • Complete application paperwork and submit to the Internship Coordinator during the last weeks of the current semester. (Internship begins at the start of the next semester)
  • Obtain the internship Job Description from the Site Supervisor.
  • Develop and discuss Learning Objectives/Goals with the Internship Coordinator and Site-Supervisor. Collaborate with site supervisor on at least one goal.
  • Complete online the official Learning Agreement contract with Experiential Learning and Career Success. The Agreement will be formally approved by both the Site Supervisor and the Internship Coordinator before the internship begins.
  • Perform the responsibilities outlined in the Job Description and engage professionally.
  • Regularly meet with the Site Supervisor to gather feedback, discuss ideas, present questions - and if needed note concerns.
  • Maintain an Hour and Journal Log that is reviewed and signed weekly by the Site Supervisor.
  • Submit an evaluation provided by Experiential Learning and Career Success during the final weeks of the internship. Results will be shared with the Internship Coordinator for grading. 
  • Submit a four-part final portfolio to the Internship Coordinator at the end of the semester.

The Site Supervisor

  • Develop and provide a Job Description for the internship. Discuss the roles, duties, expectations, and opportunities within the experience.
  • Sign the Internship Application as part of the application process.
  • Discuss internship Learning Objectives/Goals with the student. Help student design one goal.
  • Review and electronically approve or reject the Learning Agreement contract.  
  • Set up semester work schedule and responsibilities.
  • Review and sign intern Hour/Journal Logs weekly.
  • Assist the student in the attainment of the Learning Objectives/Goals outlined in the Learning Agreement.
  • Provide an internship orientation and consistent mentoring and feedback to the student.
  • Evaluate student interns’ performance at the end of the internship. Evaluation will be emailed to the supervisor during the last several weeks of the internship. Evaluation results will be shared with the Department of Experiential Learning, and Internship Coordinator for grading.

The Internship Coordinator

  • Discuss Learning Objectives/Goals with student intern. 
  • Grant override for internship to allow student intern to register for credit.
  • Review and electronically approve or reject the Learning Agreement contract.  
  • Provide support to the student and site-supervisor as needed/requested during the internship.
  • Review completed intern and supervisor evaluations at the end of the internship.
  • Grade the internship: final portfolio and submitted evaluations
  • Internship Coordinator: Holly Cummings:

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Internship Overview

Important Dates

Fall 2023 internships are underway! Go interns!

Spring 2024 Internship Applications Due:

  • Wednesday, November 29th 

Important Pre-Internship Requirement!! 
*ATTEND one of the five Internship Information Sessions listed below
 (FAQs, Requirements, Registration, How to Find Internships). You will need this informational tutorial to complete the internship research and application process successfully.

LOCATION: McGill Hall 135

  • Thursday, October 5  at 11:00 am

  • Tuesday, October 10 at 9:00 am

  • Wednesday, October 11 at 2:00

  • Tuesday, October 17 at 10:00

  • Thursday, November 2 at 3:00 (LAST SESSION)

*Students initiating the internship process are required to attend one of the Internship Information Sessions. (If you did not attend, review the PowerPoint PDF below then schedule a meeting with Holly Cummings to discuss your next steps.)

Internship Checklist: Use this checklist as starting point for your internship

**Pre-Internship Information Session PowerPoint PDF (slides only)** PowerPoint overview from previous Internship Information Sessions (Absolutely review these slides if you have not attended an information session)

Office Hours Link: Schedule a meeting with Holly Cummings during office hours

8 Steps to your internship (use in conjunction with Information Sessions listed above)

Step 1: Attend one of the five Internship Information Sessions listed above

These sessions will prepare you for your internship search, provide an overview of the application process  and address questions you may have!

Step 2: Identify Your Interests

Identify your career interests. Think about what you are interested in, what you enjoy or areas of your field that you would like to know more about. It's Ok to have broad interests at this point. After you have identified your interests, choose a couple to research and pursue as possible internship opportunities. Use the Internship Checklist (link above) to guide you through the application process.

Step 3: Look for an Internship

Start searching for an internship site as soon as you can. The earlier the better. We recommended you meet with a faculty mentor or the internship coordinator to think through your internship ideas and options. Review the list of previous internships to help generate ideas.

Step 4: Contact Internship Site

Find out who you need to talk to about internships. Then telephone, email, or visit employers in your career areas of interest and inquire about possible opportunities. Be prepared to give a 60-second introduction that sells your skills (i.e. education, previous experience, professionalism, organizational or leadership skills) and explains how you can be of value. Have a brief handout with your contact information ready and accessible to give or email your site contact. Set a date to follow up with the organization - then follow up! has a great little summary of ways to ask for an internship. Here it is: Internship Advice

Step 5: Obtain a Job Description

When you find an internship that fits, work with your prospective site-supervisor (the individual who will supervise you) or the on-site internship coordinator to construct a job description for the semester. There are many examples of this on the internet.

Step 6: Meet With Both Your Internship Coordinator AND Faculty Mentor 

Set up a meeting with the Internship Coordinator, Holly Cummings. (Schedule appointments with the office hours link at top of page or email Holly at Be prepared to ask questions and discuss your internship. After you have decided upon your internship meet with your Faculty Mentor. They will review your internship and sign the Internship Application.

Step 7: Complete the Internship Application Paperwork

Complete the Internship Application and items on the Checklist then schedule an appointment to submit the final paperwork to the Internship Coordinator, Holly Cummings (Schedule appointments with the office hours link at top of page or email Holly at

Step 8: Begin your internship at the start of the corresponding semester

You may begin your internship once you are registered, and your Learning Agreement has been submitted.