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Student job opportunities in IT

Technology Support Services (TSS) hires students in a variety of positions, from front counter receptionists all the way up to portal programmers. We have three different areas that hire and manage students for their specific departmental functions. These jobs offer the chance to utilize your skills and knowledge while assisting the campus in its academic pursuits and the opportunity to learn knew skills.

To apply for TSS student jobs, please visit the Career Services student jobs website.

Presentation & Technology Services (PTS) hires students who have experience in computer support and video applications. We offer positions in video conferencing operations which require skills associated with video production, computer support, and classroom equipment support. Our positions in A/V equipment delivery require skills in A/V equipment set up, classroom equipment configuration, and dependability for on-time service.

The IT Web Technologies Group (WTG) hires students who have a strong background in programming, or have skills in graphic design, website design or digital media development. We also look for students with strong communication skills who work well with others.

Client Support Services (CSS) manages students in IT Central and in our general access computer labs. All students hired must have excellent customer service skills and basic computer knowledge.

  • Our Receptionists must be professional, positive and have the ability to multitask. They direct the phone calls and walk-in traffic for IT Central along with PTS rental equipment.
  • Lab Monitors must provide excellent service to lab patrons, be skilled in assisting users with lab software & equipment, and responsibly monitor the computer lab to which they are assigned.
  • Consultants possess a wide variety of computer skills, the ability to problem-solve and the ability to share their information with non-technical users. Note: Applicants, please also complete an IT Central consultant application.

All job openings for Consultants, Lab Monitors and Receptionists will be posted on the UM student jobs website. Please complete the on-line registration process to apply for these positions.

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  • IT Office: 406.243.5350
  • IT Central: 406.243-HELP
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