Student Technology Assistants Program (STAP)

The Student Technology Assistants Program (STAP) is a work-based learning program that provides a resource to students who are interested in campus jobs in information technology. STAP also provides a source of qualified personnel to meet campus demands for part-time technology support staff.

The STAP office is not the employer of the student. STAP serves as an agency to pre-screen, train, and assist with placement of students in campus units. Working directly with the various departments on campus, students will gain invaluable technological and professional development. Exposure to diverse working environments and situations assist in the development of team building, problem solving, customer service and time management skills.

How to apply to be a Student Technology Assistant

The hiring of STAP students occurs during the academic year. Related experience, ability to perform the tasks contained within the job description and availability are taken into consideration. As a condition of placement and employment, the STAP student must be enrolled at least part-time as a University of Montana student, and maintain at least a semester and cumulative grade point average of 2.25. The STAP student must complete at least 7 semester undergraduate or 6 graduate credits each semester.

Application procedures

Fill out a STAP application form.

STAP Personnel will review materials and schedule a screening interview. Successful candidates will be placed into the STAP student pool. Campus units will select candidates from the STAP student pool and may schedule a second interview before hiring a Student Technology Assistant as an employee. Once hired, students work as a campus unit employee and the unit is responsible for paying the student. Student and campus unit determine student weekly work hours and schedule. Students participate in an online STAP-sponsored training program during the semester. Participation in this program is required and vital to your success and integration into STAP.

How to hire a Student Technology Assistant

UM campus units who are interested in hiring a STAP student should complete the following steps:

  • Complete a Campus unit interest form.
  • Once the Campus Unit Interest Form has been reviewed, the STAP Coordinator will meet with you to discuss whether you would like a pre-selected Student technology assistant, or if you would like to interview and select your own from the STAP student pool. At that time the STAP Coordinator will share with you the STAP Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • After you have selected a student, and before your student begins employment, you must review, sign and forward the STAP MOU to the STAP Coordinator.


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