Frequently Asked Questions


Fisher’s leverages an e-waste partner to ensure the devices are being recycled and reused whenever possible. Devices that are still supportable will be redeployed on campus as needed.

At Fisher’s we understand that our customers are concerned with the full lifecycle of technology and want  peace of mind that the material we are handling is recycled in an environmentally sound manner. No equipment that is processed by Fisher’s Technology is taken directly to a landfill.

Campus will now be leveraging new features of the PaperCut product to streamline operations and reduce cost campus-wide.


UM Printing in May 2021

With Managed Print

Unique Manufacturers



Number of Walk-up Multifunction



Number of Desktop Printers



Average Equipment Age

8-10 years

0-3 years

Energy Cost / month



*This is an estimated number with 941 printers being physically mapped across 19 buildings, and an estimated minimum of 376 existing that aren’t physically mapped.

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Existing Printer/Copier Contracts

Existing maintenance contracts are not being renewed. Canon or Konica Minolta leased devices will be supported by Fisher’s, any other devices on lease will be bought out and replaced with a managed printing device provided through a centrally funded contract. 

No, we will be working with departments to phase the solution in over the summer and Fall semester.

No, wide format printers are not included in the managed printing plan.

There is no buy-back program available. However, recently purchased equipment or consumables can be used until failure or new features are desired.

Auxiliary Units and Grant Funded Areas

Yes, this solution is intended to support all campus employees and students.

There will be specific devices across campus that allow student printing.

Desktop Printers

For now, Banner printers are excluded from the managed print plan. The goal is to include them following the main campus rollout.

Printers on campus are University property and need to be handled by campus policies regarding property management.


Through the use of PaperCut, you will authenticate with your Griz Card at the device before your print job is released. This ensures that your documents will not be sitting on the printer without you being physically present to receive them.

New printing features using PaperCut

A user can print from multiple accounts – you will have the option to select accounts you have access to each time you print.

We recommend using electronic collaboration tools or email to share the document if others need to print it.

The display will be set up to access via Griz card swipe or entering your 790.

There are guest printing options that we can designate for specific areas / situations.

Yes, alerts can be sent out on low paper drawers.

Fisher’s will provide infographics for how to navigate the screen. Additionally, user workshops, written instructions, and video links will be available on the UM IT website to help campus members navigate the new tools.