Wireless expansion at UM

Recognizing the high demand for wireless network access in all campus buildings, UM committed $500,000 over two years to extend wireless access to all academic and administrative buildings on campus.

At the same time, it became clear that wireless access in residence halls was critical for student success and satisfaction. With funding from Central IT, Student Affairs and the Student Computer Fee Committee, all nine residence halls now have convenience wireless access available to all residence. Miller, Pantzer and Turner Halls, the last three halls to received the upgrade, were completed in January 2014. 

Convenience vs. dense wireless

Convenience wireless coverage uses a limited number of wireless access points located far apart. It is meant for lightweight network activity (like email and web browsing) with each access point serving about 25 concurrent users. Dense wireless coverage is designed to accommodate a high number of concurrent users in one area, such as a large lecture classroom.

IT is working with Access Consulting, a local firm, to design the wireless implementation. Each building will be designed for dense wireless coverage. In most cases, budget limitations will require initial implementation at lesser density, but as funding becomes available later, wireless density can be augmented in strategic areas.


Updated December 15, 2014

Academic and administrative spaces


  • Biological Research (completed May 2014)
  • Clinical Psychology (completed May 2014)
  • Chemistry Stores (completed May 2014)
  • International Center (completed May 2014)
  • University Center (completed March 2014)
  • Stone Hall (completed March 2014)
  • Interdisciplinary Sciences Building (completed February 2014)
  • Urey Underground Lecture Halls (completed August 2013)
  • Upgrade of central wireless system controllers
  • Stone Hall (Completed March 2014)
  • Corbin Hall (Completed May 2014)
  • Health Sciences (Completed August 2014)
  • Gallagher (Completed November 2014)

 In construction phase

  • Law
  • Mansfield Library
  • Skaggs (will receive full building network upgrade)

In design phase

  • Clapp
  • Missoula College (East)
  • Missoula College (West)
  • Natural Science
  • Math
  • PAR-TV
  • Facility Services
  • Forestry

Notes: The list above is not necessarily in priority order. Contracts and construction schedules may alter the order. Buildings that are not on the list are still part of the wireless expansion project.

Student housing

Completed or in construction phase

  • Lewis & Clark Village
  • Aber Hall
  • Jesse Hall
  • Knowles Hall
  • Craig Hall
  • Elrod Hall
  • Duniway Hall
  • Miller Hall
  • Pantzer Hall
  • Turner Hall