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Videoconference, webinar and streaming services

Presentation & Technology Servcies (PTS) provides and supports several forms of video services to conduct conferences, meetings and streaming of live events.

H.323 (IP-based video conferencing) provides a single "active voice switched" video stream for point to point connections. An operator is required to operate the conference.

Web browser-based video conferencing (BlackBoard Collaborate) is supported by PTS for high-quality video conferences, usually conducted on desktop computers in offices or conference rooms.

Live video streaming of UM events and classes on the Internet.

Contact Randy Gottfried for additional information at (406) 243-2857.

Centrally managed site available

SS-127: H.323 and web browser-based in a flexible presentation format (max. 18 people)

General use policies and procedures

Current facilities have been built with external funds rather than state money. As a result

  1. Facilities will be provided for use only on a strict cost recovery basis. Costs vary according to the room and equipment (details below), but always include support for equipment upkeep, normal network access, and a mandatory operator/technician.

  2. Preference in scheduling will be provided to those units who have contributed to the creation of these facilities.

Within constraints implied by #1 and #2, every effort will be made to accommodate needs of all campus units, and when possible, non-campus users.

Room specific capabilities, policies, and procedures

SS 127 - H.323/Web browser-based Video Conferencing and Classroom

  1. Preferential scheduling: for UM and IT clients

  2. Format : Conference/classroom with max. 18 participants; white board plus standard "high-tech classroom" control system and capabilities: document camera, video player, (Windows) presentation computer, wireless microphone, etc.

  3. H.323 : Polycom Viewstation VS4000 with projector display, 3 cameras, push-to-talk microphones, and S-VHS session capture

  4. Web browser-based video conferencing

  5. Streaming video

  6. Multi-site capacity : only via external bridging


  • UMM unit : $25/hour

  • Non UMM unit : $50/hour

The price includes local operator and equipment plus normal network access, but not extra session charges (e.g., telephone/network bridging, external switching, remote site charges)

Web browser-based video conferencing

Web browser-based Video Conferencing via BlackBoard Collaborate

  1. Requires web camera and microphone attached to computer with high-speed Internet access

  2. Format : Computer desktop interface via a web browser

  3. Can be conducted in an office, conference room, etc.

  4. MAC and Windows compatibility.

Streaming video services

Live event streaming via LiveStream

  1. PTS provides camera, microphones, and computer equipment for streaming.

  2. Format : live video feed of event via Internet

  3. Event can be conducted in an office, conference room, classroom, auditorium, etc.

  4. MAC and Windows compatibility for viewing

  5. Event can be recorded and archived


  • UMM unit : $50/per hour

  • Social Sciences 126
  • IT Office: 406.243.5350
  • IT Central: 406.243-HELP
  • Send Email