IT Data Center Services

Physical data center hosting

Central IT manages the Modular Data Center (MDC). The current facilities combine physical security with 24x7 environmental monitoring and UPS and generator power backup guaranteeing 99.6% availability. Central IT currently manages enterprise networking, server and storage hardware as well as a limited amount of hotel space for departmental and research computing hardware.

Virtual server hosting

Central IT has a robust virtualization environment with the capacity to host hundreds of Windows or Linux virtual servers. The virtual data center utilizes VMware and has a clustered environment between two data centers.

This service appeals to departments who want to maintain autonomy over their server management without the expense of purchasing and housing their own hardware. Central IT can also manage the server OS installation, configuration, patching and maintenance, as well as backup/recovery, security, networking, hardware, storage and monitoring for those departments without their own system administrator.

Cloud services

Central IT provides access to UM Box for online data storage.

Additional services

Central IT can provide several different services such as database administration, system administration, and backup and recovery.

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