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Configuring your Android device

To set up your MSO email account to synchronize with your Android device, please follow the instructions below. Note that the instructions may vary depending on your device.  The following steps were written using the Samsung Galaxy S III, which runs Android version 4.1.2. Please contact IT Central if you need assistance.

1.  On your device, select Settings.

Android settings screen

2. Under Accounts, select Add Account.

Android add account screen

3.  Select Microsoft Exchange Active Sync.

Android MS Exchange Active Sync screen

4.  Enter your account information:

  • Email address:
  • Password: your MSO password
  • Click Next

Android add account information screen

5.  You will then see the following error message. Select Edit details.

Android error message

6. Enter your account and server information:

  • Domain\username: UM\firstname.lastname
  • Password: your MSO password
  • Server:
  • Check Use secure connection (SSL)

Android re-enter screen

7.  At the next screen, the configuration process will begin. Options are to sync your calendar, contacts, email and tasks. Make your selections and click Sync now.

Andriod sync selections

8. You have now completed the process of setting up your MSO account on your Andriod device.

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