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Configuring Outlook 2010 for Exchange

When you configure Outlook 2010 for MS Exchange access to your email account, you have access to more than an email client. Exchange offers contact management, scheduling, and collaborative tools that you won't have with other email clients.

1.  Close Outlook 2010 if it is running.

2.  From the Start button, go to the Control Panel, then Mail Setup, then E-mail Accounts.

Outlook exchange 1

3.  From the Account Settings screen, select the Email tab. Click New.

Outlook exchange 2

3.  On the Add New Account window, select E-mail Account. Click Next.

Add email account

4.  On the next window, select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service. Click Next.

Select Microsoft Exchange

5. If you have not used Outlook before and you are on the domain, you can use Auto Account Setup. Enter your Name and Email address and click Next. If this process does not work for you, go to step 7 and continue with the process.

Outlook auto-configuration process

6. This Congratulations screen will display if the Auto Account Setup process works for you. Click Finish.

Outlook auto-configuration process step 2

7.  If the Auto Account Setup process does not work for you, on the next screen, click Manually configure server settings or additional server types, then Next.

Account Auto set-up

8.  On the next screen, enter as the Microsoft Exchange server. Enter your firstname.lastname in the User Name box. You can also click on the Check Names button to see if the Exchange system locates your account.

Exchange server settings

9.  Click Next.

10.  Outlook 2010 will automatically set up the account. You'll be asked for your user name and password before Outlook 2010 can connect to your account. Make sure you enter your full e-mail address ( as your user name. You may be prompted to enter your user name and password several times before you connect.

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