TeamDynamix (TDX) Implementation

TDX is UM IT's New UM Solutions Center!

We are officially live as of January 17, 2017! Visit the new UM Solutions Center at

TeamDynamix is an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tool that Information Technology at UM is adopting for an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool that multiple IT units across campus purchased and are currently implementing. This tool will replace a number of existing ITSM tools that IT units across campus currently utilize so that there is one consistent end-user interface for students, faculty, and staff to explore and request IT services.

Why TDX?

TeamDynamix offers a wide range of flexibility and will meet the various needs of all IT departments across the UM campus. Implementing TDX will provide end-users and IT professionals across campus with the following:
  1. A consistent end-user interface to request help from multiple IT units
  2. IT unit collaboration to increase transparency and improve cross-campus support
  3. An IT Service Catalog to provide a central location for access to IT services
  4. An IT Knowledge Base to facilitate end-user self-service
Implementing and utilizing one ITSM tool across multiple IT units also aligns with the goals of OneIT as it fosters collaboration, increases transparency and efficiencies, and enhances the services and solutions UM IT provides to faculty, staff, and students.

What will change?

For end-users whose IT support provider is adopting the TDX tool, the following are notable changes compared to how you may currently interact with and request IT support:
  • A new TeamDynamix Client Portal - the new UM Solutions Center - for requesting help and services
  • Authenticating into the Client Portal will use NetID
  • Ticket notifications will be branded and look different compared to what you see now
  • Knowledge Base articles will be available to assist in self-service, answer IT FAQs, and provide information on how to use TDX

Who is adopting TDX and when?

The following IT Units are adopted the TDX tool and launched on January 17, 2018:

College of Forestry & Conservation IT (CFC)
College of Business IT 
College of Health Professions & Biomedical Sciences IT (CHPBS)
Student Affairs IT (SAIT)
UMOnline (SELL)
IT Central

If your IT unit support provider is not listed above, it is possible that unit may be adopting the TDX tool at a later date or does not currently have plans to do so. Please contact your IT support provider directly for more information.
Additionally, if your support unit is listed above and you have questions about the implementation, please contact your specific IT support unit directly. You can visit the Questions page for contact information!


Task  Task Due Date(s)
complete Unit Onboarding Meetings September 18 - 29
complete Start Onboarding Checklist Items Sept 18 - Nov 14
complete TDX On-Site Implementation Sessions Week of October 9
complete Unit Configuration Meetings Oct 11 - Nov 17
complete Onboarding Checklist Items Due November 15
complete TDX Technician Training  December 5-6
complete Begin Campus Communication December 11
complete Build-Out Nov 15 - Dec 29
completeTesting/Pilots Dec 8 - Jan 12 
completeIn-Person End-User Testing January 5, 2018
completeFinalize & Preparation for Launch January 1-12, 2018
completeGo Live! January 17, 2018

Project Implementation Team

Project Role
Anna Martin
Project Manager
Joe Allred
Project Sponsor
Denise Nelson
ITSM Administrator
Andrew Blyzka
Technical Adviser
Curtis Kotecki
Technical Adviser
Naomi Branson
ITSM Administrator