Accessible technology services

Accessible Technology Services provides:

  • training and consulting for accessibility in electronic documents, media, software, websites and other materials for administrative and educational processes
  • direct support for digital needs of students registered with DSS
  • campus-wide support for assistive technology
  • production of accessible digital products
  • evaluations of software, hardware, web sites and other digital products and processes

We are committed to using technology as a tool to support education and employment that is equally available to all because it is digitally accessible. Our top priority is supporting UM's educational efforts.

Our commitment

We commit to the following:

  • Passing a software recommendation to the next stage of the process within 7 days of receiving a VPAT and access to the software
  • Captioning for individual class videos under 10 minutes within a week of your request. (We prefer planning for your entire semester, video set or series and setting a schedule with you.) 
  • Assistive technology appointments within a week of your request
  • Alternative format books and documents within 10 days of your request

ATS Staff

  • Brenda Miller, Alternative Formats Specialist
  • Tim McHenry, Assistive Technology Specialist
  • Jolynn Page, Accessibility Specialist and Evaluation Coordinator
  • Kathy Garramone, Manager of ATS