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In addition to obtaining an email account, employees obtain a University email address in the form of a Umontana alias. This alias will be used as the official means of electronic communication between employees and the University. Important University business is conducted via this account including UM business-related information and announcements from the President to employees of UM.

This alias is generated in the following form:

How to request

For students, a Umontana alias is automatically created and attached to your official UM email account.

For employees, indicate in CyberBear which email account you prefer to receive official email. A nightly process will activate the umontana alias and point it to the email account you indicated. 

To activate your umontana alias, log in to Cyberbear:

  • Click on Personal Information.
  • Click on Manage Email Accounts.
  • Under Umontana Alias, if you have already entered a preferred email account, your Umontana alias will display.

You can view, insert and update your email account(s) under Your work/personal Email Account(s). If you do not see your email account, you will need to enter this information. University employees may only list an official email account (e.g. If you have questions about your email account, please contact your departmental IT administrator or IT Central at 243-HELP.

In order to activate the email account you entered, click in the box next to the entry, and then click the Submit button. (Note: You may return to Manage Emails anytime you need to add or remove an email account.)

A screen will display indicating that your changes were successful.

Changing your UMontana alias address

Umontana email address changes can be made under certain circumstances, but changes must be closely related to a legal name. Examples include:

  • Switching a student and employee address if you have both
  • Eliminating a numeric digit
  • Inserting a hyphen or underscore
  • Shortening a first or last name

Legal name changes or spellings must go through the Registrar's Office for students and Human Resource Services for employees.

Umontana address change request form


No charge.


All UM students and employees




 IT Central Help Desk at 243-4357 or visit Social Sciences 120, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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