Telephone service


Telephone services include a desk phones (see options), voice mail and voice menus, and jacks for FAX, modem or credit card machines.

How to request

Authorization form for Telecommunications & Network Services

This form should be completed by managers to authorize individuals within the unit who can initiate work orders and make changes to telephone and network billing.

Request telephone add, move or change

Index and name change form

Request telephone repair


One-time activation charge:

  • $25 per telephone. Additional labor charges may apply for more advanced options.
  • There is no charge for de-activating a telephone.

Monthly charges:

  • As of July 1, 2017 there is no recurring monthly telephone service charge for UM-funded units. For units not directly funded by UM (i.e. the Bookstore), there is an $8 per month recurring charge per network port.
  • Long-distance charges, billed by the State of Montana, will still apply.

Charges for non-UM funded units


Monthly price 

Telephone equipment See options
Extension of an existing line $4.50
Analog line for an alarm/ alert system $4.50
Guest voice mailbox not connected to a phone $9.50
Voice menu $15.00
Voice menu controlled by date/time settings $23.00
Live jack for fax, modem or credit card machine $25.00


Any official UM department or organization.


Monday-Friday, 8-5


Voice mail instructions

Primary owner

Network Services