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Creating Captions

Captioning requires the original media and a transcript of that media.  They are then synchronized,  produced to work with a media player and made available.

Creating media

The basic steps for creating captions UM produced materials are listed below.  Further information on each step is available through the menu on the right.

  1. create the recording,
  2. create the transcript (to recommended standards)
  3. synchronize the transcript with the recording and
  4. produce the final captioned video for
    • iTunesU
    • the web
    • YouTube
Of course there are multiple alternatives approaches including:

Existing media

The steps listed above are generally true for all captioning.  If you are using media produced by someone else, YouTube clips for example, there are a few extra steps.  The steps include:

  • Trying to obtain the educational material used in classrooms and campus functions in captioned form. 
    • the providers or producers of the material should be asked first to provide a captioned version
    • contact Tammy Ravas, Mansfield Library (x-4402), when searching for a captioned version
  • Creating a captioned version of crucial media
    • requesting permission from the owner of the media (to follow copyright law)
    • following the captioning steps listed above
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