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Synchronizing transcript and recordings

Synchronizing is matching the sounds and timing of the recording with the appropriate transcript text.  Synchronizing a recording with the transcript is accomplished by:

  • using specialized software such as Camtasia Studio, Adobe Premiere, or Magpie to synchronize before producing the final product or
  • using specialized web processes provided by YouTube or Universal Subtitles sites.

There are several options available to the UM campus community that can assist with the synchronizing process once a transcript is obtained. 

Information Technology / Technical Support Services provides captioning support and  training in several venues.  Please contact Janet Sedgley at (406) 243-5452 or 243-HELP (4357) for further information.

Process and file types

A simple transcript is frequently stored in a plain text (.txt) or word processing (.doc) document. When transcripts are synchronized with a recording, the text is organized by timing.

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