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Creating transcripts

Transcripts are verbatim text renderings of all audible sounds - dialogue, narration and sound effects.  Producing a transcript is frequently the most time-intensive part of captioning.

Transcripts can be obtained by:

  • asking the person who created the original recording
  • starting with the original script and edit as needed to match the video*
  • using voice recognition software during or after video production to assist with transcript creation
  • typing out the transcript as you listen to the recording*
  • using a transcription service to create the transcript

*Most individuals using this method type directly into Word.  Some synchronizing programs do best if the transcript is then saved as plain text before being used.

Voice recognition

Text produced by voice recognition products isn't always completely accurate.  However, if you will be recording or transcribing several videos, there are several ways that voice recognition included in the Camtasia products or Dragon Naturally Speaking can be used to your advantage.  Please check if you have questions about whether it would be helpful in your particular situation.

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