About Us

The Blackstone LaunchPad at the University of Montana

The Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at the University of Montana, is a co-curricular, experiential, campus program designed to introduce entrepreneurship as a viable career path and develop entrepreneurial skills and mindsets through individualized coaching, ideation and venture creation support. Influenced by the enterprising heritage of Blackstone and its founders, the Blackstone Charitable Foundation is directing the firm's resources and intellectual capital to support entrepreneurship nationwide and globally.


Entrepreneurial activity is often crucial in the growth of successful businesses, industries, and communities. Built on a platform of entrepreneurship, Blackstone and Techstars believe in investing in enterprises that have the potential to stimulate economic opportunity and provide value.


To secure an entrepreneurial culture within the Montana University System community.

Core Values:

  1. Inspire pursuits of passion.

  2. Empower experiential entrepreneurship.

  3. Catalyze innovative, collaborative community.

  4. Encourage diverse participation.

  5. Commit to long-term impact.

Blackstone LaunchPad Student Staff - Administration


Molly Putnam

Student Director

Oversees and supports Blackstone Launchpad student staff by managing progress, pushing initiatives, and facilitating day-to-day operations.
Jacob Treece Headshot

Jacob Treece 

- Office Manager

Oversees office and employee operations as well as the coordination of events facilitated by the LaunchPad.

Program and Activities Coordinator


Dylan Notturno - President of EPIC Humans

Oversees EPIC Humans as consultants and facilitates initial consultations, creates and supports the existing Blackstone LaunchPad events on campus or in the community.

Talia Nicholls - PYP Program Manager

Plans and coordinates for Pursue your Passions, a women's entrepreneurial opportunity on campus, and advocates for women's equity and prosperity through BLP.

Marketing Department


Michelle Miller - Marketing Manager

Tells the stories of entrepreneurs on campus and in the community who have used Accelerate Montana services in post production of social medias.

web manager

Shuhan He - Web Manager

Works with the Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer to implement BLP-UM and Accelerate Montana's brands across relevant websites and blogs. Oversees the functionality of the organization's website, evaluates and manages performance, as well as develops, maintains, and updates website content.


Simon Rooney - Graphic Designer & Media Artist

Works primarily with the marketing team in creating graphics and material to use for BLP events and much more!

Consulting Department

Claire Bradley

Claire Bradley - Student Consulting Coordinator

Manages the student consultant team, and works with campus and community members to aid in idea development and to offer entrepreneurial resources.


Matthew Dody - Student Consultant

Guiding student, staff and alumni as they look into building their entrepreneurial vision. From working in customer discovery and idea validation to preparing for elevator pitches, the launchpad consultants look to make entrepreneurship a viable career path for those associated with the University.