99 Problems


99 Problems is an event centered around the problems that plague us day-to-day and the creative solutions that we can come up with to solve them.

Winners Announced!

We are thrilled to announce the top three winners of the Autumn 2016 competition:

  1. Rebecca Kranitz- Increasing Geographic Literacy
  2. Matilynn Hendrickson- Pocket Equality
  3. Quinn Spinler- Greek Organization Housing Restrictions

How It Works

  1. Submissions for problems were solicited.
  2. Online voting for top problems.
    Share with your networks so we get nasty problems that need big solutions.
  3. Each of the top 3 problems receive a failureship- a scholarship to try and solve the problem thinking so hard outside the box, that failure is an option.
    First Place: $750. Second Place: $500. Third Place: $250.