Getting Registered

Have an idea? - We can help you flush out initial concepts and understand the roadmap to execute on them.

Already formed a company? - We can help overcome obstacles as you look to grow and scale your business.

Just curious? - Participate in discussions & events, join the online community, or sign up for free mentorship.

Want to mentor? - Let us know what your areas of expertise are and we will connect you with student entrepreneurs.

Register online with BLP at UM- powered by Ideator- for startup consultations, to connect with other entrepreneurs, and more.

Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Signup on Ideator

Step 2: Verify Your Email and Login to Ideator

Verify your email address to log in to Ideator.


(verification link above found in email)


Step 3: Edit Your Profile

Click 'My Profile' in the top right corner of your screen.


Edit your profile.


Step 4: Finish Your Profile!

Make sure you complete your profile so that you can fully connect with our community.

*Profile completion is necessary to schedule meetings with our consultants and mentors*



Don't forget to:

  • Add your Location (e.g. Missoula)
  • Add at least 1 link to a social media profile or personal/business website
  • Add a profile photo
  • Connect your calendar (optional for mentors)
  • Select your GenderUniversity AffiliationEthnicitySchool, and list your area of study under Major
  • Add some skills that you bring to the table (e.g. Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship- much like your LinkdIn account)
  • Add the industries and types of ideas you are interested in (e.g. Food & Beverage, Digital Media & Technology, Health & Medicine, Global Change & Sustainability)
  • Tell everyone a little bit about yourself in your Bio
  • List some accomplishments to show off to the group