Financial Modeling Services

Financial Estimates

Our student consultants can provide coaching on the basics of financial modeling and its integration into the Business Model Canvas. We will help identify the key components required to estimate how your business can make money (profitability) and can enable you to test assumptions around the viability of the business.

Services Include

  1. Overview of Business Model Canvas framework
  2. Introduction to the basics of financials, accounting concepts, and the use of Excel
  3. Identifying initial business product/service ("minimum viable product") focus to be modeled
  4. How to use the newly created financial model to adjust the below variables in order to confirm your assumptions and test the viability or profitability of the organization:
    1. Price
    2. Material & labor costs
    3. Level of activity
    4. Operating expenses

Key Objectives

We want clients to be able to independently:

  1. Find the "ballpark" of profitability
  2. Identify startup limitations (financial, equipment, labor, material, etc.)
  3. Test assumptions and work through iterations on the financial model
  4. Understand basic financials and accounting concepts as well as the basic use of Excel for financial modeling and management

Forecasts & Budget Tools

Coaching services with experienced consultants can provide more in-depth analysis for entrepreneurs:

  • seeking funding for startup costs (e.g. real estate, equipment, product development, marketing, initial inventory) and/or
  • require a more detailed understanding of their financial forecasts for ongoing budgeting and financial management purposes

Services may include:

  1. Assistance with developing and validating estimates of revenues, startup expenses, and ongoing operating expenses
  2. Assessing appropriate finaincing options (debt vs. equity vs. bootstrapping vs. crowdfunding, etc)
  3. Implication of long-term strategy on operating and funding strategies
  4. Integration of business plan and financial model
  5. Coaching on how to use financial models, forecasts, and operating assumptions to manage the business on a day-to-day basis and to compare the actual busines and financial results to forecasts to drive management action to decision making
  6. Assistance with setting up accounting and financial systems and connecting business processes and systems  

Key Objectives:

  1. Guidance and coaching around financial modeling
  2. Assistance in funding decision making and/or strategic planning
  3. Connect you with relevant resources and expertise in the community
  4. Educate entreprenuers in accounting, information systems, and financial management best practices