Global Innovation Bootcamp

Study Abroad Ireland


  • Gain hands on internship experience working on innovative startup projects 
  • Visit cutting edge research institutes and learn from research scientists 
  • Immerse yourself in Ireland’s culture and history 
  • Learn about Ireland’s startup and tech economy 
  • Network with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists 
  • $1,000 student fellowships available for reduced program fees! 

What is the Global Innovation Internship Experience (GIIE)? 

  • The Global Innovation Internship Experience is a two week highly interactive study abroad experience in Cork, Ireland 
  • This 3-credit experiential learning program will provide exposure to the innovation and startup environment in Cork through a variety of visits, meetings and presentations as well as an intensive team-based internship project for an innovative Irish startup. 

When and where does the GIIE take place? 

  • The GIIE will take place in Cork, hosted by the Blackstone LaunchPad at University College, Cork (UCC) 
  • The program runs from Monday, May 25 to Jun 5, 2020. 
  • Watch this short video montage from the 2018 program.  



Who can attend the GIIE? 

  • The GIIE is open to both undergraduate and graduate students regardless of year or major. 

Can I get academic credit? 

  • Yes, this is a 3-credit class. 
  • The course is offered as a Spring class and can be included in your Spring academic credit course load and fees. 

What are the program fees for participating in the GIIE and what do they cover?

  • The program fee for the GIIE is $1,500 (this is in addition to academic credit fees). 
  • Student fellowships of $1,000 are available which will reduce the program fee to just $500.  
  • The program fee covers all in-class program activities and accommodation. 
  • Your accommodation is in student apartments with each student having a single bedroom with ensuite bathroom and a shared lounge and kitchen.  

What other costs should I budget for? 

  • You are responsible for booking and paying for your return air travel to Cork which is likely to be in the range of $1,600 to $2,000 from Missoula. We can help advise on international travel if you are unfamiliar or have questions. 
  • You are also responsible for your own meals. Course participants will likely choose to eat together on a fairly regular basis and experience the diverse range of food options in Cork. There are affordable food options across the City and on the UCC Campus. Also, as noted above, your accommodation, which is located next to a grocery store, has a shared kitchen if you want to cook and keep your costs down (or when you need a break from hearty Irish cuisine!)  

How do I apply? 

  • Complete the application form below 
  • There are a limited number of places and student fellowships available. If you apply before Dec 6 we will notify you if you have a confirmed place by Dec 13. 
  • Other questions? Email Blackstone LaunchPad Director Paul Gladen: 


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