Register for our brand new 2022 Micro-Credential - open to all students!


Program Overview

Welcome to our Micro-Credential page! See below for more details about the program.

**As of September 1st, 2022, we are accepting registrants for our program!**

For questions, email dylan.cherullo@umconnect.umt.edu or jacob.treece@umconnect.umt.edu

What is a Micro-Credential?

Micro-credentials are short, focused credentials designed to provide in-demand skills, know-how, and experience. A micro-credential is proof of achieving learning outcomes and is a great way to enhance a resume. Employers are always looking for applicants that have a certain edge or unique experiences, with micro-credentials, you can stand out too!  

What is the Blackstone LaunchPad Micro-Credential?

The Blackstone LaunchPad Micro-credential program is an opportunity for UM/Missoula College students to add a flare to their resumes. 

By enrolling in this program, students can participate in our multiple internships, competitions, experiences, etc., and earn points that will count towards their credential. Once they earn enough points, they will receive the credential and can include it on their resume, LinkedIn, etc. 

Students can register and complete the credential during any part of their college enrollment at UM

How do I receive the micro-credential?

In order to receive the micro-credential, you must complete the following steps. 

1. fill out the form below (on the left) in order to officially register for the program. 

2. Once registered, you can participate in any of the BLP opportunities detailed below. Each of these opportunities is worth a different amount of points. You must receive 10 points total to receive the credential.

3. After each experience/opportunity you complete, fill out the form below on the right to request/receive your points 

4. Once you achieve 10 points, our team will reach out to you via email and send you the official certificate of completion. 

Registration & Point Request Links

To register for the Blackstone LaunchPad Micro-Credential, click on the box below or go to this link. Any UM/Missoula College Student can receive this credential. 

To get points added to your Micro-Credentials, fill out this form by clicking the box below. You must submit this form after every experience/opportunity you complete.

Upcoming Opportunities

In-depth, high-point opportunities

Lower stakes, explorative opportunities  

Opportunities with easy points