Start something badass.  The Dram Shop: A Launchpad success story.

We visited with our buds Sarah and Zachary Millar, owners of The Dram Shop, to ask them about their business and what it takes to be a Missoula entrepreneur. Check it out!
  1. Tell us about your business, its mission, and its goals.
    The Dram Shop is Montana's first dedicated growler fill station and taproom. The Dram Shop makes a wide variety of draught beer, wine, and cider available to enjoy by the glass in our taproom or to take with you in a growler. We hope to help educate and energize our clientele surrounding craft beverages.
  2. Where did your business idea come from?
    We had seen similar businesses in other cities and thought it would be an excellent fit for Missoula.
  3. When did you know it was time to take your idea and actually do it?
    We thought that if we didn't take the opportunity and get the shop opened up, somebody else would sure do it and be first to market instead of us.
  4. What are your long-term goals of your business?
    We hope our business can be a long term successful anchor business for downtown Missoula. We are also open to the eventuality of opening additional locations.

  5. What adversity did you face on your way to launching?
    All kinds of things! Everything from financial hurdles to sorting our way through the licensing process with the department of revenue and securing a location. It was quite the adventure!
  6. If you had to give one secret to success for launching and operating a business, what would it be?
    Get started today and don't give up. Every day that passes is another day you didn't do it.

  7. How did the Blackstone LaunchPad at University of Montana help your efforts?
    The LaunchPad was instrumental in several ways. They helped us refine our business plan and model, making our presentation whole and fool proof. This made The Dram Shop a bankable entity. The LaunchPad also introduced us to many individuals within the business community and were able to open doors for us.

The Dram Shop, located at 229 E. Front St, Missoula, MT 59802 next door to the Pearl Cafe, is open Tuesday - Sunday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM or 10:00 PM.  They are a growler fill station and taproom boasting 37 taps of beer (many local and craft beers), ciders, and wine.  Zach and Sarah were recently featured in the Fall 2015 issue of the Montanan.