Required Course
Course Number: LAW 512
Credits: 4

Students study the private civil wrongs for which courts provide a remedy, including intentional torts, such as battery and false imprisonment, and negligence and strict liability. The focus of this course is the substantive law of torts - that body of law which provides remedies for civil wrongs not arising from contract. Tort law serves various functions (e.g., compensation, deterrence, loss spreading, and corrective justice). These subjects will be covered in detail. As a first-year course, however, it is about much more than "torts." The course is designed to help you understand, appreciate, and practice the process of legal reasoning. It also explores how law affects human lives, and the historical, political, and social context of tort law. Students learn cooperatively, actively participate in discussions, discover "rules," and go beyond a search for "rules" to look and evaluate policies.