Margery Hunter Brown Indian Law Blog

The Margery Hunter Brown Indian Law Clinic (“MHBILC”)  at The University of Montana School of Law was established in 1980. The Clinic’s goal is to provide students with practical experience regarding Indian law issues. MHBILC projects commonly focus on issues and problems affecting tribal governments, justice systems and Indian people. Students frequently appear in Tribal and State courts addressing Indian issues or representing Indian people and they occasionally have the opportunity to appear in federal court. Students will work on a variety of projects promoting tribal sovereignty, cultural preservation, access to justice and economic development within Indian Country.

Disclaimer—This blog is a place to share personal thoughts and experiences. It is meant to be a tool to allow clinic students to reflect and write freely without all the legal jargon and scrutiny! None of what is expressed here is intended as or should be considered legal advice or legal analysis. This is a place for law students within the MHBILC to share their thoughts, feelings, and what their journey looks like from their own perspective. This blog does not constitute legal advice, information, or representation in any manner.