Student Bar Association

Welcome to the University of Montana School of Law's Student Bar Association. The Student Bar Association is the organized body of all enrolled students at the University of Montana School of Law. Students pay a fee as part of their law school tuition for membership in the Student Bar Association. The elected representatives of the Student Bar Association constitute the Executive Board (hereafter "SBA"). The Student Bar Association was formed only a few years after the law school was established and is therefore the first and oldest student organization at the law school.

The SBA is the custodian of essential law school rituals and traditions. Our job is to maintain those traditions and perform vital administrative duties to foster a strong community within the law school. We are also obligated to serve the students in an administrative capacity by representing students to the faculty, administration and the university.

When the SBA acts it acts on behalf of the entire student body. All SBA meetings are open to students. In a typical academic year (August to May) the SBA organizes and performs several social events and administrative duties