There are two types of committees that students serve on. Those committees are either internal to the SBA (SBA Committees) or are within the administrative system of the School of Law (Faculty Committees). All appointments are made in accordance with the SBA By-laws. The committees students serve on, and all pertinent information related to those committtes, can be found below.

SBA Committees

Faculty Committees

Faculty Appointments

Charge:  Develop job descriptions and recruiting authorizations for faculty hirings for the year, place ads in appropriate venues, receive and review applications,  select candidates for initial committee interviews, select a short list of finalist candidates for faculty consideration and complete all reporting to UM HR.  (5 faculty members, at least 3 tenured, at least one tenure-track, elected prior to October in even-numbered years, and elected prior to the Tenure and Promotions Committee.)

Prof. Michelle Bryan, Chair – 2 years
Prof. Andrew King-Ries
Prof. Jon Byington -2 years
Prof. - Hillary Wandler – 2 years
Prof. Elaine Gagliardi – 2 years
Lindsey West student non-voting member

Strategic Planning

Charge:  Facilitate strategic planning, including diversity planning; compile and present for faculty approval a Strategic Plan for 2015-2020; and develop Summer Institute program for furthering strategic planning. (Elected to staggered 3-year terms, with one member elected annually.)

Prof. Anthony Johnstone (term ending 2016) (Chair)
Prof. Martha Williams (term ending 2017)
Prof. Hillary Wandler (term ending 2016)
Dean Greg Munro, ex officio
Hannah Cail student non-voting member

Dean Search

Charge:  Represent the faculty and school of law on the UM Dean Search Committee.  Keep the faculty informed of proceedings and status of the dean search.  (Members selected by ballot in meeting of the faculty as a whole.)

Prof. Stacey Gordon (Chair of Faculty)
Prof. Jon Byington
Prof. Larry Howell
Prof. Hillary Wandler
Prof. Martha Williams
Prof. Elaine Gagliardi
Prof. Anthony Johnstone
Lindsay Thane (student)
Brianne McClafferty (student)

Admissions & Scholarships

(6 appointed faculty members and 1 student voting member.)

Charge: Address admissions, scholarship awards, and recruitment.  Support development of plans for recruitment and admission.  Evaluate and recommend methods of student financial support.  Work with the ad hoc marketing group to strengthen recruitment.

Prof. Larry Howell (Chair)
Prof. Maylinn Smith
Prof. Martha Williams
Prof. Pippa Browde
Prof. Anthony Johnstone
Prof. Sam Panarella
Lori Freeman, ex officio
Becky Garner, ex officio (scholarships)
John Mudd, ex officio (scholarships)
Jason Collins student non-voting member

Budget Advisory Committee

(aka Dean’s Advisory Council)

Charge: Evaluate and advise the Dean on budgetary matters and specifically develop proposals on any reductions or budget cuts. 

Prof. Elaine Gagliardi, Chair
Prof. Jon Byington
Prof. Anthony Johnstone
Becky Garner, ex officio
John Mudd, ex officio
Samir Aarab student voting member 

Library, Technology, & Facilities

(3 appointed faculty members; 1 student voting member.)

Charge: Review, evaluate, and advise faculty and administration on matters of library, technology, and facilities.  Advocate for immediate process to select and install art in the Law School.

Prof. Stacey Gordon, Chair
Prof. Jordan Gross
Prof. Michelle Bryan
Phil Cousineau
James Cramer, ex officio
Becky Garner, ex officio
Mike Pasque student voting member


(5 appointed faculty members and 1 student voting member.)

Charge: Address curriculum, clinical issues, international programs, joint degrees, independent study, competition teams, assessment, and petitions to waive a prerequisite set by the faculty or some other requirement.  Evaluate clinical delivery models and select a model that strengthens the clinical program, enhances clinical opportunities, and ensures practice-ready students; develop methods to increase student exposure in the curriculum to access to justice issues; promote widespread teaching of professional values throughout the curriculum.

Prof. Elaine Gagliardi, Chair
Prof. Jordan Gross
Prof. Larry Howell
Prof. Michelle Bryan
Prof. Sam Panarella
Director of Clinic, ex officio
Tyler Dugger student voting member

Student Affairs

(4 appointed faculty members; 3 student voting members for Honor Code issues only.)

Charge: Address diversity, academic support, honor code, disqualification, readmission, grade appeals, and matters related to faculty-student relations, retention, and student mentoring. Oversee implementation of Diversity Action Plan.  Review and make recommendations to the faculty regarding approval of candidates for graduation.  Review and make recommendations to the faculty regarding a policy for readmission.  Develop and recommend a “bubble form” course evaluation specific to the Law School.

Prof. Bari Burke, Chair
Prof. Pippa Browde
Prof. Stacey Gordon
Prof. Sam Panarella
Elaine Gagliardi, Director of Students, ex officio
Jeffrey Wilson, Katelyn Hepburn, Jon Bathum student voting members