Student Bar Association

The first and oldest law student organization, the Student Bar Association is the organized body of all enrolled students at the Alexander Blewett III School of Law. Students pay a fee as part of their law school tuition for membership in the Student Bar Association. The elected representatives of the Student Bar Association constitute the Executive Board (SBA).

The SBA represents law students to the faculty, administration and the University, acting on behalf of the student body. And, as the custodians of law school traditions, it is the job of the SBA to maintain those traditions and perform vital administrative duties to foster a strong community within the law school.

Bylaws (last updated August 2014)

2020-21 Executive Board Members

The SBA Executive Board's primary function is to support students at the law school so they may excel in their studies and become valuable members of the future legal community, both in Montana and nationally. The Board is made up of ten representatives:

President: Hannah Willstein (
Vice President:  Sarah Weerstra  (
ABA Representative: Reema Najjar (
Business Manager: John Miller (
Community Relations Coordinator: Jake Walmsley (
Sustainability Coordinator: Alex Dreussi (
Third-Year Representative: Shelby Danna (
Second-Year Representative: Kristen Gerbatsch (
First-Year Representative:
First-Year Representative:


The SBA Executive Board meets on a regular basis to discuss and vote on issues affecting the student body. These meetings are open to students.


SBA annually allocates student fees to student groups in the law school. The budget is finalized in the fall of every academic year. Budgets are prepared and finalized for SBA approval and ratified by SBA membership by a majority vote. Budgeting will follow procedures as set forth in the SBA Bylaws and the CLS Settlement Agreement.

2020-21 Budget


There are two types of committees that students serve on. Those committees are either internal to the SBA (SBA Committees) or are within the administrative system of the School of Law. Both elected positions and appointments are made in accordance with the SBA Bylaws and in keeping with the current Student Handbook.