Ireland Summer Study Abroad


Summer 2024 topic is still TBD. Info below is for reference.

Contract Law Through a Comparative Lens: Irish and U.S. Approaches to Drafting and Negotiation

This two-week, 2-credit, comparative law and skills course focuses on international contracts and issues relating to dispute resolution of such contracts. The first week students this course explores contract formation under Irish and U.S. law, as well as discuss specific issues in contract law, including draft dispute resolution provisions, including indemnification, termination, choice of forum, choice of court, and governing law provisions. During the first week students engage in contract drafting exercises relating to these topics. The second week students negotiate indemnification provisions and dispute resolution provisions. Students gain an understanding of Irish and U.S. law regarding aspects of contract law, and regarding contractual remedies and dispute resolution mechanisms in international contracts.


Assessment is based on a series of short drafting assignments and two negotiation exercises. To complete these assignments, students work in teams with students from University Cork. Professors Gagliardi and Conley serve as primary instructors for the course. They will be joined by Professor Panarella and professors from University College Cork School of Law.

The course will be graded on a credit/no credit basis.

The course begins Friday, May, 26 and ends Friday, June 9, and spans two weekends, with the second weekend a bank holiday.

For information about travel, living arrangements, and registration, contact Mel Brittner-Wells. For information about the course, visit with Professors Gagliardi and Conley.

Program cost:

The cost is $3250, which covers tuition, housing, group meals/activities, and weekday breakfasts and lunches. A nonrefundable deposit of $250 is due by March 1, 2023. Please contact Mel Brittner Wells for payment. 


Students will stay at the new UCC residence hall, The Crow’s Nest, a short walk from the UCC Law building. Each student will have their own bedroom and en suite bathroom, with a kitchen and living area shared with other students in the program. Students can request their preferred roommate(s), which we will do our best to honor. Apartments will be a mix of 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms in each. Please note: family and/or friends are NOT permitted to stay in the student residence hall, even for one night.