COVID Safe Policies

COVID-19 has changed how we live and work. Central to our public service mission is to collectively work together to ensure your health and safety. These FAQs serve as a guidepost. If there is an unanswered question, contact Dr. Sara Rinfret, Department Chair. Our commitment is to remain kind, flexible, and adaptable during these unprecedented times.


a. All DPAP regularly scheduled online classes will remain the same and not impacted.
b. All DPAP face-to-face classes will be offered in-person or for students to attend via robot one night per week. 
c. Other departments/programs across campus may use one of the following approaches for Fall 2021: 
i. Remote (meet for class via Zoom during a set time/day) or hyflex, we are not offering these options. 

a. No. Our department already offers courses during Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions.
a. Please follow MUS policy and Missoula County guidance.
b. Masks are recommended to be worn if you are not vaccinated.
a. Missoula City-County Health Officials remind everyone that the protocol for positive cases is still to isolate for 10 days. For close contacts of positive cases, vaccinated individuals do not need to quarantine but should monitor for symptoms and seek testing if they experience symptoms. Unvaccinated individuals must quarantine for 10 days or can be released from quarantine on day seven with a negative COVID-19 test. Stay home if you have been in contact with someone exposed to COVID-19 (maintain guidance provided by county health department).

a. Your professor will provide options for you to receive missing material (e.g. send PPT slides or recording of lecture). Make sure to notify your professor in advance. We realize this may occur periodically throughout the semester.
b. If your illness persists, you will set up an appointment with the department associate dean to come up with a plan of action to successfully complete the semester.

a. Accommodation requests should be sent to UM disability services this summer. We also offer fully online classes.
a. Employees and organizations are shifting to remote options and safe in-person opportunities. Review our careers page to view opportunities or meet with our internship advisor, Prof. Ben Hamman.
a. The School of Law uses a card swipe system to enter the building, accessible using your Griz Card. Your 790 has been entered into our system.
b. In preparation, make sure to obtain a UM Griz Card.
c. If you forget your Griz Card, call Campus Safety to let you into the building.

University Coronavirus Resources

Student on laptop

The University has compiled all University-wide coronavirus-related updates, communications and other information on the UM Coronavirus Updates website.

UM has also created a Coronavirus Hotline at 406-243-INFO(4636), available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday to speak with UM employees about your questions.

UM is closely tracking the COVID-19 case trends in both Missoula and across Montana. You can track Montana’s cases here.